Gironacci is passion and quality

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Leather craft goods made in Italy since 1976.


If we could choose two words, they would be feeling and value.
First of them, is what we are looking for every day, in hard work, and what we build waiting to meet the person who wear our craftmanship.


Value is our must. Give value to something means take care of it.
And every day we of Gironacci pay our attention to raw materials, to select leather and accessories.


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Not enough. Our worker are not factory-men but artisan. Men who dedicate their life to learn a fine art and do and do again same gesture, making it new again in meaning and spirit, every time.


Italy is our muse. An amazing place, where the sun calms the rush and the cold hardening your soul.
A natural place, that take with it wisdom’s and beauty’s wrinkles you need to learn.